GEORGIA WHITE is a surprise, from the very beginning. Her voice sounds like it comes from another time and another place. It echoes greats like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, with a touch of Carole King and Eva Cassidy, but yet remains firmly relevant to now. 

At 15, GEORGIA became a part of The Apprentices project, releasing 2 albums that showcased her incredible voice and gave us a glimpse of her unique style and promise. 

Now 19, GEORGIA is writing and recording tracks for her first solo album, which clearly shows the enormous growth in her over these years.

While GEORGIA WHITE loves many of the artists her peers are listening to, she has a way of connecting her love of the traditional sounds of the pioneers, where she draws inspiration, with music and lyrics that could only be written today . The iPod of GEORGIA WHITE is an eclectic walk down the memory lane of musical greats! Big shoes to fill, but one listen to GEORGIA WHITE and you'll hear her inspirations and feel her aspirations and want to be a part of her exciting musical journey.


Georgia White

Gigs 2014

March 14

March 21

March 29

April 6    

May 1     

  Campbelltown Golf Club 7-30pm

  Campbelltown Golf Club 7-30pm

  The Entrance Sail Stage Noon - with Hannah Smith

  Samba Cafe, Campbelltown Catholic Club 1pm

  Samba Cafe, Campbelltown Catholic Club 6pm

View Georgia’s first single from
The Apprentices album:

‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’


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