Who I Am

I'm Georgia. 

I’m a motherhood fine art portrait photographer located in Newcastle capturing mothers in Newy, the Central Coast and Sydney.

I have a bachelors degree in photography from UTS which is where I developed my love of storytelling through images, and becoming a mother is how I found my niche. 


What I Do

I'm not your typical family photographer. 

I strive to capture what motherhood feels like. 

The real magic of motherhood doesn’t happen with a full face of makeup in a beautiful flowing dress on the beach at sunset being told to channel your inner goddess.

It happens in your home surrounded by dirty clothes and sensory toys while running through the endless list of chores in your head.

It happens when you’re sitting on the couch feeding you child while leaking milk and sweat wondering how long you’re going to sit there this time, but also not wanting it to ever stop.

It happens at 2am when you drag your tired, heavy body out of bed to the sounds of pleading cries.

It happens when that little hand spiders its way across your breast feeling your warm skin under their cold hands.

It happens when you get out of your two minute shower and smell your clothes from yesterday because they’re the comfiest and neither of you care much how you look anymore.

It happens when you look at their tiny features and get excited that they’re growing but also miss who they were yesterday.

The magic of motherhood happens everyday, on a 3 hour cycle, with your body feeling like it’s no longer yours but relishing in its new capacity as a mother.


Contact Me

0431 951 921


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